Horizontal Bar Multifunctional Indoor & Stretching Pull-ups | CredVita

Horizontal Bar Multifunctional Indoor & Stretching Pull-ups | CredVita

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Free adjustable height ranging from 65" to 85". Your whole family can use it as a flexible power tower for everyone.

Versatile. You can do multiple exercises such as pull ups, push ups, leg raise training targeted body parts.

Will never roll over. Thickened steel tubes and advanced design ensuring your safety.

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Versatile Body Building

Power Tower

Our Heavy Duty Home Gym power tower is suitable for men and women to build pretty body. Being an extremely versatile exercise equipment, our power tower aims at providing a gym-quality and whole-body workout, which allows everyone to enjoy fat-burning and muscle training. It is ideal equipment for home fitness. Don't miss out!

Pull Up Station

Pull-up exercises back, forearms, biceps, shoulders and improves your grip strength. It boosts the upper body strength and are popular for broadening the back and shoulders.

Vertical Knee/Leg Raise

Vertical knee raise targets your midsection from all angles. Use it to develop not only abdominal muscles, but stronger obliques and hip flexors.

Push Up Station

Push-up builds your back and arm muscles, reinstates your shoulders, the triceps as well as helps in building a stronger chest and improve upper body muscle groups.

Suitable for People of Different Height


Don't worry about being too short or too tall to use our Power Tower. Just leave it to us and we'll take care of your concern. From 65” to 85”, we provide a range of different height for your excellent using experience. Whatever you need.

You Are On The Threshold of 


Join us for the improved sport performance, enjoy it when you sweat all over your body and be the witness of you getting MUSCULAR and HOT!

Adjustable Height

Anti Rolling Over

Easy Assembly

Holding Up to 440lb

Thickened Steel

Protect Floors

Ultra-Stable Bottom

The unique designed bottom makes it possible for the Power Tower to remain standing all the time. The larger bottom ensures a firmer support. No matter what you do up there, it just won't fall down.

2.5" Frame Thickened

The thickened and widened Framework makes it more durable and stable. The solid support enables you to do various kinds of movements worry-free.

Enlarged Sucking Discs

To better protect your valuable floors, we specifically add 4 enlarged sucking discs covers to the bottom so there will be no scratch mark left on your floors. Also, they provide extra support to protect you during workout.

Easy to Assemble

Unlike other ones in the market, our pull up station is extremely easy to assemble. It takes only 30 minutes or less for a female to put them together, which saves your precious time and effort.

Heavy-Duty Load-Bearing

Being stable and durable, our Power Tower is able to holds up to 440lbs weight without any risk of leaning forward or backward, let alone falling apart. Your safety is well protected.

Premium Quality

The strong and durable pipes are still intact and remain usable even after being crushed by a large vehicle weighing 3800lbs.


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